Thursday, 22 May 2008

China - The emerging giant

My article published in the leading daily THE HINDU.

'We can't sleep on Quality Standards'

It was a memorable experience with The Hindu. I spoke to the Editor about my experience in a musical shop regarding the purchase of a musical instrument. I went to buy a Guitar for my son in a Musical shop in Chennai and I wondered with awe when I found this instrument in a shop in Chennai with "Made in China" sticker in it. Initially I though it was an European one since it was made with such clinical precision and impeccable quality. But when I realised that it was mad in China it really surprised me. It took just 15 minutes for me to buy that beauty of an instrument. Immediately I could not help but make this public and the best forum is "The Hindu" and I spoke to them about this. I had an interesting session with them and they grilled me with question on quality and finally I told that as an Indian I will be proud if I see Indian Products in the Global market. They were impressed and within a few days they published my artcile and interview in the Sound off a popular colum in the Metro Plus. Soon I also learned the lesson "Beware, Chinese are coming up in a Big way!".- Franklyn Stanley

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