Friday, 3 August 2007

Tips for young writers

My passion for writing was an off shoot of my dream to become popular as a writer and see my name printed in the pages of leading magazines or newspapers. Thus I had built a strong reason to become what I liked to be ie., to be the best I can as a writer. I worked on my English which was a bit funny initially but later picked up momentum with continuous efforts to raise the bar. I practiced grammar and I found those idioms and phrases providing all the energy I needed to decorate my writing and I loved it. During my shopping sprees more than anything else it was the bookshops which attracted me always. I had never left my mind myself wandering free whenever I had the time to think, of those glorious world of words !

Some of my tips for Young writers

  • Have a passion for writing
  • Build a strong reason to write.
  • Purchase good books on writing, dictionary, grammar book and a book of idioms and phrases.
  • Read newspaper and magazines regularly.
  • Subscribe to Reader’s Digest the best journal I had ever read.
  • For business writing read leading Business journals.
  • While talking to people observe them and pick up some good vocabulary.
  • Increase your awareness on vocabulary and sentence construction.
  • Measure your progress daily.
  • Watch good English programmes on the TV like “Hard Talk” in BBC and Karanthapar’s interviews.
  • Start writing your own stories.
  • Manage your time and allocate a specific time for writing.
  • Always be aware of current English usage.

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