Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Woes of Chennai !

Are Chennai-ites taken for a ride ?
A digging process Any time Any where !
It is very hard to believe that human civilization manages to exist in a place called Chennai !. But one should definitely appreciate the tolerant nature of Chennai-ites in this aspect. This statement of anger and frustration is due to the agonizing experience Chennai-ites face while commuting everyday on the Chennai Roads. Roads (as they are called ?) in Chennai are woefully bad and no one cares to mend them. In fact it is shame that they cannot be defined as roads at all, since not single place in Chennai has a decent road and around 95% of the roads have pot holes every two meters and hence they are either badly laid or poorly maintained. This cause causes mental agony, physical torture, unsafe condition resulting in frequent accidents to motorists. Undoubtedly they are infuriated to an unimaginable level. It is a headache to drive along these roads and one cannot but continuously rebuke the authorities who are responsible for this, while experiencing a horrible and bumpy ride. Two wheeler riders are have to be even more careful about their spinal column which can get damaged by these shocks !

Digging for various purposes is a daily ritual. More frustrating is that the irresponsible authorities most of the time leave the work incomplete and in a pathetic condition. When the rain comes it easily gets damaged causing pot holes every where. Small ones eventually become huge pits and one has to become Circus expert to manoeuvre their vehicles on these conditions!. The organizations which are responsible turn a blind eye to this basic need and put the commuters to great agony and hardship. The vehicle riders especially the two wheelers have to encounter pot holes at every few meters and negotiating them is the hardest thing they are expected to do every time they are on a journey. The only time we can attract the attention of authorities to take action is when a particular place records “frequent accidents deaths” because of bad roads!.

Another activity which has now added fuel to the fire is the construction of fly-overs at many places which has again left the roads in a horrible condition like pot holes and mountain like gravel and boulders scattered everywhere making the roads totally uneven and dangerous. One is reminded of Safari ride in the African deserts and jungles. You can imagine how we are left with such absolutely hazardous condition, threatening safety for motorists.

When one talks about road laying we can say that roads are laid without any basic sense and their quality so poor that no sooner a rain lashes the newly laid roads disintegrate causing huge pot holes everywhere. It definitely conveys the message that they are deliberately done by the authorities to get repeat contracts at the cost of public convenience !. This has become an unsolvable nuisance for the Chennai public. More over digging for laying power cables, telephone cables, metro water and drainage were never done with a plan and as soon as one completes the other starts because of lack of coordination among themselves.

Hence there is no solution for Chennai-ites unless otherwise there is mass movement to protest and publicize this issue. It is a shame that Chennai should have some of the worst roads in the World !.

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