Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hobbies emerging in other forms
When we think of hobbies we always think about reading, stamp collecting, listening to music etc.. Can they be in other forms?. Yes. One such form is the internet which has taken the hobby world by storm and of course put the brakes on these conventional hobbies. Internet browsing which we wrongly think that it steals our prime time is actually not so. On the other hand it has to a larger extent been beneficial as a hobby. It has rightfully replaced many of the old hobbies since it can offer better information, knowledge, adventure and pleasure for the young and even the old.

Having of course enormous advantages which could be obtained without much hue and cry and with just the click of a button, it is preferred to our conventional hobbies.

We can say that like internet many hobbies are emerging in other forms which gets the acceptance of the present generation. Hence hobbies are not dying but are on the threshold of a new generation.

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