Thursday, 12 June 2008

Have Mobile phones taken over our lives ?

It is very much true that mobile phones are changing our lifestyle at an unimaginable pace. Now our country is progressing with rapid momentum and mobile phone technology is greatly helping us in this transformation. The good points are, communication is at rocket speed and helps one to reach anyone instantly especially during emergency. It also provides greater safety for women folk especially students who stay away from their parents. The ban imposed by some of the educational institutions on mobile phones inside the College premises is a matter of concern. But their abuse by sending wrong messages corrupting young minds is also a matter of concern for the society. Mobile phones are health hazards since we are exposed to radiation, but if proper awareness on safety is created this can be avoided.

Hence If mobile phones are put to the best use they can be a boon to the society and it is more fascinating to see that they have already begun to have dominion over our lives !.

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