Thursday, 12 June 2008

Instant food, are they a healthy choice ?
It is pathetic that the word ‘ Instant ’ has also become a part of the food we consume today. While we had instantly copied this western culture we forgot the fact that we are very much asking for trouble. Instant food introduced by multinationals have come to stay, being projected by huge advertising campaigns attracting everyone in the process. It is not surprising that we are caught in the web of Instant food market and simply driven by this crazy life style. Let us see some of the dangers Instant food can cause to our health.

We are surrounded by trans fats (which are toxic to our body) in many of Instant foods we eat. Trans fats are man-made fats that were virtually unknown to humans until 1911 and they are processed in labs and research says that they are as bad as our blood cholesterol and may be probably worse than that. Actually the manufacturer adds hydrogen to a polyunsaturated fat, making it into a trans fat They also contain meat-based carcinogens which are high in calories and saturated fat and is a principal source of trans fats. To enhance the color and smell of foods many preservatives are added to attract consumers. They are of no use to the human body because they have no nutritious value. The liver and kidneys may become damaged as they have to work hard to eliminate these chemicals. Research shows that the extent of toxicity in these additives can damage our health to a larger extent causing high cholesterol levels, Blood pressure, Renal failure and even cancer.

Other type of food are the popular ‘Instant food’ served on the roadsides. They are cooked with oil which are reused and the chemical change that takes place breaks up the food creating unhealthy ingredients which may not get digested by our system.

Along with smoking, instant food presents one of the greatest public health threats to our society today. Instant food is almost universally dangerous and should probably carry a warning from the Government authorities.
Not only is Instant food is dangerous, but also it promotes a lifestyle and culture that is also dangerous. No doubt our lives are fast, frenetic and commercial. But food should be our sanctuary from the madness, not part of it !.

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