Thursday, 12 June 2008

Is Chennai shining?
It is very doubtful that with the present condition, Chennai can set a shining example of a performing and developing metropolitan city. Reasons are endless. For example, are we geared up to this sudden condition of water scarcity?. Pathetically no. Considering the gravity of the situation and the plight of the city dwellers it is very hard to think of “Chennai shining” in any way. The urgent need of the hour is water, which is woefully inadequate for our day-to-day requirements. Shortly it might overshadow the small progress were are making in other fields. Government should do something about this.

Other deplorable conditions follow, like increasing pollution, violation all basic civic responsibilities by the public and Government and so on. These conditions have lowered Chennai’s credibility as a city which once boasted of its Marina, the second longest beach in the world. The continuous in flow of people from other states is threatening the resources like power, water and space and the haphazard construction of flats by cutting down trees is posing threat to the environment. With the already polluted water table, its depletion due to indiscriminate digging for bore wells has added fuel to the fire. By and large it is known that we Chennaiites lack civic sense and we love to live with the dirtiest precincts all the time!.

Threat is also in the form unsafe conditions during commuting. Un-travelable roads which are generously dug by Govt authorities, creating accidents and also our water lorries which continue to hit the headline by killing people at will. Burglary and rowdism which pose challenge to the police and the auto rickshaw wallas who continue to charge as they like, are our daily rituals. Obviously the hands of law enforcement authorities are tied and they only remain passive to this horrible trend.

With a highly politicized environment where political decisions rule the day it is very difficult to envisage a shining Chennai. But on the other hand it is for the public to rise up to the occasion and feel their responsibility and force themselves into taking decisions which could bring shine to Chennai.

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