Monday, 20 October 2008

My greatest shopping experience

I am brand-crazy. I crave for Shopping ventures and the joy of exploring the new brands on the shelves of modern retail outlets delights me the most. I always get attracted towards stationery items like new kind of plastic folders, files, pouches, premium pens. More in mind are the art materials like paints, canvas and brushes. Groceries are my wife’s territory of course.

It is always a pleasure and pleasant experience to shop in Spencer’s in Ashok Nagar that too with the new green & orange interiors the ambience looks apt to attract me. I love creativity and art and look for artistic value in any shopping malls. This shop sports a new, grand and creative look with effective space utilization, attractive display boards with easy access to groceries. Customer service is friendly and very helpful and with a smiling face. The purchases are neatly packed and even brought to our vehicle parked outside. For me shopping in such friendly environment creates a feeling of comfort, exuberance, and joy.

As a family we always enjoy going to Spencer’s for our monthly shopping needs. There are multiple gains in shopping together as a family. We enjoy the fun. We travel to our favorite areas to shop. Finally we meet at the counter having the satisfaction of choosing what we had planned and unplanned. Of course there is always a shock when I see the final bill !. The petty conflicts between our children in choosing their own brands, the experience of exploring to every nook and corner, unplanned purchases beyond our budget, and many more to say. This unending adventure goes on and on !

While shopping I always feel its’ time to relax after a tiring day at office, and that too with the family and we have all the time in the world to choose what we need, choices being plenty. Some time we meet new friends which helps us to renew relationship and also our minds become fresh.

On the whole shopping is great fun !

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