Thursday, 12 June 2008

Take the stress out of your life !
Today’s competitive world everyone is in the race for achieving something or other but ultimately end up in a stress-filled life. For corporate executives the intensity of stress is so high that after being stretched to the maximum they find it very hard to balance their family and corporate life. This drives them to pursue a dazzling variety of hobbies to take the stress out of their lives. The best way to relieve one’s stress is by pursuing interesting hobbies or sports. Creativity thinking and application is one of the excellent remedies which keep one relaxed. For me it has worked out very well since its’ a great way to blow off my stress. I have a passion for painting real life sketches as well as abstracts which keeps the other side of my brain working. Makes me fresh with a sense of fulfillment when I complete it !. Writing is another venture which I immensely love and when it is selected and published and read by millions it generates energy within myself and promotes me to another level which cannot be explained. Involvement in both gives me a sense of satisfaction and happiness. I think one should work on God given talents and let it do wonders for the personal and corporate life.

Whatever the hobby or the pastime activity we pursue, they all provide relief, a creative outlet, and sometimes, create a setting for family togetherness.

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