Thursday, 12 June 2008

Violence and Obscenity in films - A dangerous trend

It is a matter of great concern for the society to witness the current trend in quality of films which have hit a vulgar low as they are generously infested with violence and obscenity. More so it is pathetic that it is being justified in some of the forums also. Despite having gone down the ladder of decency one cannot also understand how these films escape the scissors of our censor officials. With the extensive commercialisation of the film industry the producers are left with no option but to frantically adopt every method to introduce violence and sex to sell their films. They obviously aim for greater returns for the money they had pumped in but conveniently forget the harm that it has already created for the society.

Violence and sex in films pose great danger to the growth of our present generation who are already faced with other means to ruin their career. Violence is exhibited in all forms from risky stunts to homicides and suicides. Some political movies are even threatening the security of our country like the assassination of leaders ie., how they are meticulously planned and executed. Verbal violence is another worrisome feature with embarrassing and meaningless jokes exhibited by the comedians and filthy dialogues as well as songs which vociferously express obscenity. Dance sequences are another clear cut examples of extreme obscenity and vulgarism with costumes and body movements arousing the sexual desires of everyone.

The present generation of youngsters take pride in copying everything from these films. The results are very alarming. Frequent suicides among the younger generation and the drastic changes observed in their behavioural pattern is a matter of concern for the parents as well as the society at large. These films spread their tentacles to the children as well who quickly grasp whatever is not meant for them. At home, it is very embarrassing for the parents to see these films along with children. Does it means that we are already on the path of destroying our society through such kind of films ?. And are we guiding the society to destruction ?

At present we have no sensible forum to express our protest against such films and there is lack of sincerity in our protest also. On the other hand there is so much support for the film industry is that any protest will fall into deaf years only. It also makes our blood boil when these films are advertised through public opinions in different forums as better movies. Honestly there can be no second opinion as to ban such films and prevent the society from clutches of violence and obscenity. Let everyone give serious attention to this issue immediately to prevent further destruction of our moral values.

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