Creativity is an intuitive phenomena which tingles our mind as we attempt to think differently and beyond our boundaries of imagination. It wakes up our biological mechanism to see something others fail to see. The unexpected spark it produces breaks the rhythm of metabolism exploring new avenues of thinking. It defies all measuring scales. Very few Homo Sapiens are blessed with this “extra” intelligence to maneuver their brains to their whims and fancies and produce those Einsteins and Picasos ! From “Naked truth” of Archimedes’s Eureka to the present day thinking style of Stephen Hawking this path of evolution of mankind has shifted away for the average thinking process taking a different route to destiny. While some get trained to become creative thinkers and doers for some it is unarguably inborn. Of course it is beyond human intelligence to assess and evaluate this process of thinking !. I had always fancied people who create music and amazed at their composing ability and the artists who use canvas to their liking and create some exquisite paintings.
Oh Creativity !

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